What happens when the world’s finest wild-crafted and organic herbs meet a Naturopath and three Pharmacists in Victoria’s beautiful Macedon Ranges?

When Woodend Naturopath, Anna and local Pharmacists, Michael, Andrew and Sarah discovered their mutual love of herbal tea, a beautiful idea was born.

They decided to share their passion. They sourced pure, organic herbs and teas from around the world and handcrafted a series of unique herbal tea formulations, designed to promote health and wellbeing for their friends and family. 

Word about their naturally sweet, exquisitely flavoured blends soon got out, and Anna, Michael, Andrew and Sarah found themselves spending more time doing what they loved – sourcing, blending and creating wonderful wild-crafted organic teas that made people feel great, from the inside out.

Now you, too, can enjoy Matka Organic herbal teas. From exquisite every day teas to formulations that help you get better skin, digestion, serenity or sleep, drink your way to wellness, Matka-style.